Selected Educational Trust Announces Inaugural Event

Jun 17, 2021 | News & Announcements

Selected Educational Trust AnnouncesInaugural Event: Ambassador of the Year Awards Program
Sponsored by Physicians Mutual

Trust Honors Two Outstanding Funeral Service Professionals

LINCOLNSHIRE, IL — June 16, 2021 — For forty years, the Selected Educational Trust has sought to provide the best educational opportunities for the advancement and support of all who work within in and for the independent funeral service profession. And now, this non-profit, charitable organization has announced its intention to identify and honor two individuals who represent the essence of that mission through their leadership of, actions to, and service and support for the communities they serve.

In this inaugural year, the two funeral service professionals selected as Trust Ambassadors were chosen by the Board of Trustees of the Selected Educational Trust. In subsequent years, these outstanding individuals will be chosen from among their peers by ballot and committee selection. “We want to honor those individuals who have demonstrated an outstanding contribution to their profession and their communities,” stated Bea Pedersen, Executive Director of the Selected Educational Trust. “We chose two leaders who have demonstrated their dedication and support of the Trust, as well as their personal commitment to the advancement of the profession.”

The awardees for 2021 are:

Ambassador of the Year – Funeral Service Professional goes to Boyd Mothe, Jr.
Mothe Funeral Home, LLC, New Orleans, LA

Ambassador of the Year – Industry Partner Leader goes to Alicia Carr, President and Owner, Kelco, Big Lake, MN

Leigh Klemencic, Marketing Manager at Physicians Mutual, had this to say about sponsoring this inaugural event for the Trust:
“This opportunity sounds like a perfect fit for us! We are honored to be the sponsors of the inaugural award.”

“I am thrilled that Physicians Mutual sees the value of this great event and is willing to and has chosen to continue to invest in the Trust and our programs.” said Bea Pedersen “Their support allows us to enrich the professionalism of the independent funeral service practitioner through lifelong learning.”

The 2021 Ambassador of the Year Awards Program will take place on Wednesday, September 22, 2021, in San Antonio, TX during the Selected Independent Funeral Homes Annual Meeting. Invitations to this event are exclusively reserved for major Trust contributors. For more information on attending this event or supporting the Trust, please contact Bea Pedersen at [email protected].

About Selected Educational Trust
For nearly 40 years, the Selected Educational Trust has supported the independent funeral service profession with scholarship, workforce development and educational opportunities in its efforts to make lifelong learning available to all.

About Physicians Mutual
Since 1902, the Physicians Mutual family has helped make insurance easier to understand for millions of Americans. Physicians Mutual offers a variety of health, life and retirement products designed for people from all walks of life.

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