About Us

The Arkansas Funeral Directors Association (AFDA) works to establish, cultivate, and promote programs and policies that strive to mark the passage of life with dignity and instill high standards for ceremonies that are sensitive to the special needs of those who survive.


Inspiring Excellence in service for funeral professionals

Welcome to the Arkansas Funeral Directors Association. Our association is made of the professional men and women across our state serving in the funeral industry. The association exists to bring guidance and help to our members. We work to do this through government relations — watching on your behalf what regulations could impact our service and advocating for our profession. We also want to continually expand our service to our members by providing continuing education, professional development, peer relationships, studies in best practices and trends, public relation guidance and much more. Our primary goal is to work together in order to better serve others.

Arkansas Funeral Directors Association is over 100 years old, with presidents having been running the organization since the year 1900. We are proud to have been faithfully serving the families of Arkansas and the deathcare industry continually for over a century. Our legacy, expertise and ability to adapt with the times have all set us apart as those who can be relied upon to help your funeral home in any and every way.

Whether through the crises of economic turbulence, foreign wars, or pandemics, for over 100 years AFDA has always been right at the heart of working for funeral homes in Arkansas to provide the counsel, resources, and training that they need in order to keep providing excellent service to our beloved state.

AFDA Funeral Home 2024 Members

  • A Natural State Funeral Home
  • Arkansas Cremations
  • Ashby Funeral Home, Inc.
  • Barker Funeral Home
  • Beasley-Wood Funeral Home, LLC
  • Bishop King Funeral Home 
  • Bowser Family Funeral Home
  • Boyd Funeral Home
  • Brashears Funeral Home
  • Bulger Funeral Home
  • Callison-Lough Funeral Home
  • Cedarvale Funeral Home
  • Chandler Funeral Home
  • Coffman Funeral Home
  • Cornwell Funeral Homes, Inc.
  • Cremations Only, LLC
  • Cross County Funeral Services & Crematory
  • Edwards Funeral Home
  • Emerson Funeral Home
  • Essex Funeral Home
  • Frazer Funeral Home
  • Fuller Hale-South Funeral Services
  • Gillespie Brothers Funeral Home
  • Griffin Culpepper Funeral Home
  • Griffin Leggett-Rest Hills Funeral Home
  • Gross Funeral Home
  • Harris Funeral Home Inc.
  • Heath Funeral Home
  • Henson-Holcomb Mortuary Inc
  • Hubble Brothers Inc.
  • Humphrey Funeral Service
  • J.A. Funk Funeral Home
  • Jackson’s Funeral Home – Harrisburg
  • Jackson’s Funeral Home – Newark
  • Jackson’s Funeral Home – Newport
  • Kernodle Funeral Home
  • Lemley Funeral Service 
  • Lewis Funeral Home, Inc.
  • Madden Funeral Services Inc.
  • Martin Funeral Home
  • Martin Funeral Home
  • Moores Chapel Funeral Home
  • Nelson Funeral Service Inc.
  • Nelson-Berna Funeral Home
  • Ocker Funeral Home, Inc
  • Ocker Funeral Home of Alma
  • Proctor Funeral Home, Inc.
  • Putman Funeral Home
  • Ralph Robinson & Son, Inc.
  • Roberts Funeral Home
  • Robinson & Fuller White Hall Funeral Chapel
  • Roller Crouch
  • Roller Farmers Union Funeral Home
  • Roller Funeral Home – Mtn. Home
  • Roller Funeral Home – Paris
  • Roller-Alcoa Funeral Home
  • Roller-Burns Funeral Home
  • Roller-Chenal Funeral Home
  • Roller-Christeson Funeral Home
  • Roller-Citizens
  • Roller-Citizens Funeral Home
  • Roller-Coffman Funeral Home
  • Roller-Coffman-Crouch Funeral Home, Mountain View
  • Roller-Cox
  • Roller-Daniel Funeral Home
  • Roller-England Funeral Home
  • Roller-McNutt Funeral Home – Clinton
  • Roller-McNutt Funeral Home – Conway
  • Roller-Owens Funeral Home
  • Roller-Swift Funeral Home
  • Rollins Funeral Home
  • Ruggles- Wilcox F.H.
  • Sisco Funeral Home
  • Smith Benton Funeral Home
  • Smith Family Funeral Home – Glenwood
  • Smith Family Funeral Home – Hot Springs
  • Smith Little Rock Funeral Home
  • Smith North Little Rock Funeral Home
  • Smith Sherwood Funeral Home
  • Smith Westbrook Funeral Home
  • Stephenson-Dearman Funeral Home, Inc.
  • Stevens Funeral Home
  • Texarkana Funeral Home
  • Thompson-Wilson Funeral Home – Wynne
  • Wasson Funeral Home
  • Westbrook Funeral Home
  • Westfield Chapel Funeral Home
  • Wilcox Family Funeral Home
  • Wilkerson Funeral Home
  • Wilson Funeral Home – Blytheville
  • Wilson Funeral Home – Tyronza

AFDA’s Purpose is:


To establish, cultivate, and promote programs and policies that mark the passage of life with dignity and ceremony and that meet with sensitivity the special needs of those who survive.


To establish and maintain programs and policies which advocate and promote the public confidence and consumer satisfaction in connection with pre-need funeral arrangements.


To cultivate and promote the art and science of funeral directing and embalming and to educate and train funeral service professionals to enable them to appropriately serve the public during the time of death and bereavement.


To foster and maintain the highest professional standards for the proper care of the dead and to continuously seek and implement new and improved methods and procedures for the proper care of the dead.


To uphold all laws and regulations pertaining to funeral services.


To write, publish, provide and disseminate materials and programs for its members and the public to promote the above-mentioned purposes.


To do all other acts necessary or expedient for the administration of the affairs of the Association and attainment of the above-mentioned purposes. In addition, the Association shall have the power, either directly or indirectly, either alone or in conjunction or in cooperation with others, to do any all lawful acts and things and to engage in any and all lawful activities, which may be conducted by a corporation not for profit under the Arkansas Nonprofit Corporation Act of 1993. (§4-33-101 et. seq.) Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, the Association shall exercise only such powers as are in furtherance of the exempt purposes of organizations set forth in Section 501(c)(6) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 and the regulations thereunder as the same now exist or as they may be hereunder amended from time to time.

Board Members

Robert Kaelin


Moore’s Chapel
206 West Center Street
Fayetteville, AR 727011 (At Large)

Phone: 479-442-7314
Email: [email protected]

Skyler King


Bishop-King Funeral Home
P.O. Box 825
Lake Village, AR 71653 (1st District)

Phone: 870-265-6166
Email: [email protected]

David Tucker

Past President

Roller-Swift Funeral Home
P.O. Box 563
Osceola, AR 72370 (At Large)

Phone: 870-563-6578
Email: [email protected]

Charles "Chuck" Fuller

President Elect

Fuller Hale-Smith Funeral Home
1621 South Cherry Street
Pine Bluff, Arkansas 71601 (4th District)

Phone: 870-534-2120
Email: [email protected]

Colby Berna


Nelson-Berna Funeral Home
100 S. 28th Street
Rogers, AR 72758 (3rd District)

Phone: 479-631-1353
Email: [email protected]

Chad Gallagher

Executive Director

Legacy Consulting
523 South Louisiana St., Suite 222
Little Rock, AR 72202

Phone: 501-246-8842
Email: [email protected]

Jeri Lynn Davenport

Vice President

Smith Family Funeral Home
322 N Market Street
Benton, AR 720155 (2nd District)

Phone: 501-778-7100
Email: [email protected]

Tom Compton

State Association Representative

Roller Funeral Homes
P.O. Box 25440
Little Rock, AR 72221 (At Large)

Phone: 501-225-0818
Email: [email protected]


The bylaws are the regulations of how AFDA is run and managed. They contain the basic rules for the conduct of our business and affairs in order to maximize our effectiveness in the way we serve you. The bylaws contain provisions for managing the association and regulating our affairs, including the board of directors, various committees, and the scholarship fund.