Why AFDA Membership Pays

The value of membership goes well beyond your dues. The continuing movement towards cremation and shrinking revenues may cause funeral home owners and managers to question what they can do to keep moving forwards in a changing society. When you need support, fast answers, connection to state legislators, advice, or collegiate support – AFDA is there for you.

As a member of AFDA you will always:

  • Have a full time staff to assist you with your needs;
  • Be kept fully informed on legislative changes that affect your business practices;
  • Be able to hone your competitive edge through AFDA’s continuing educational programs and seminars;
  • Acquire collegial relationships and mentoring through committee participation and annual convention activities;
  • Increase your knowledge base and have access to an invaluable professional edge in today’s global market. Resources made available to members increase knowledge and ultimately save you time and money.

Professional Representation & Connection

AFDA was at the forefront of the conversation for Covid regulations, regularly meeting with government officials, healthcare professionals, and many more to ensure that your voices, our members, were heard. We lobbied for laws, for vaccination status, and for appropriate attendance rules.

We are the true advocates for the profession by being its strong voice. We know the strength of our voice is not just about one person or one issue. It’s why we are grateful that our job is to be your voice at the Arkansas Capitol and in Washington D.C..

When AFDA meets with legislators and government officials, we know it is our job to tell your story of funeral service. However, even more important is to have funeral directors tell their stories themselves because members of Congress want to hear from those serving the people of Arkansas, to understand these issues so they can help. They know you are the experts. Funeral service is a special calling, and it’s only when you talk to funeral directors that you truly understand that. When directors share their stories, they can create positive change by helping to ensure that state and federal legislators understand the people behind funeral service, the people they serve and how they can help funeral service and the nation. Their stories are important and it’s critical that they are told and understood by legislators who make decisions every single day.

AFDA’s Work for You

Our full-time staff is always working on your behalf: searching, analyzing, reading, publishing, debating, investigating, solving, and winning—all working to make your businesses more productive and efficient! Saving you time, money and effort, AFDA membership is the next step to taking your funeral home to the next level!

Continued Growth and Connection

The AFDA provides opportunities to connect with colleagues throughout the entire state and offers the finest in educational opportunities: from our national funeral partners, from other Arkansas associations (Nurses Honor Guard; Alzheimer’s Arkansas; Addiction Treatment Help; and others), and from business leaders and experts. We seek to connect you with experts in a range of fields that can elevate your business and your service to promote excellence in the funeral industry at every level and in every dimension.

Our annual convention is always a highlight of the year for AFDA. The strength and value of our association is in the members coming together and working as one. Events like these are always memorable occasions that serve to reinforce the great benefits of belonging to something bigger than oneself. Whether you work for a local independent funeral home or a larger group, there is a great sense of safety and encouragement that comes from the solidarity of an association.


Join the Membership!

AFDA membership really does pay! Your contribution to and participation in AFDA is significant because it not only contributes to your business growth and professional enhancement, but furthers the mission of the industry as well.