A Century of Caring: Navigating Family Dynamics, Grief & Marketing in the Death Care Industry

Jan 19, 2024 | Resources for Funeral Homes

WilbertEDU will be presenting on February 8: “A Century of Caring: Navigating Family Dynamics, Grief & Marketing in the Death Care Industry”, hosted by author and speaker Kevin O’Conner.

You can register at www.wilbert.com/wilbertedu.

This webinar explores historical and modern challenges in the death care industry, drawing lessons from funeral directors. Reflecting on my experiences as the son and nephew of funeral directors from the 1930s to the 80s, I delve into the intersection of partner relationships/family life and the death care profession. Topics include:

  • Enriching professional interactions through family relationships
  • Community engagement and marketing strategies
  • Addressing funeral directors’ interactions with grief

The presentation is based in part on Kevin’s book Two Floors Above Grief. The book is available at Amazon in Paperback, Kindle, and Audio formats. To support your local communities, the book is also available in bookstores or for ordering.
Learn more about what Kevin can offer to improve your businesses and profession. Go to his website (https://www.kevinoconnorauthor.com/) for additional information via my newsletter, to find the media section to listen to podcast guest appearances, and to learn more about the content of the book.

Keep on engaging and collaborating!

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