Physicians Mutual Matching Gift helps Trust raise more than $20,000!

Jan 26, 2020 | News & Announcements

DEERFIELD, ILL. —January 26, 2020— Thanks to a generous offer from long-time supporter, Physicians Mutual, the Selected Educational Trust raised nearly $10,300 – a record high in donor revenues for the month of December from generous donors eager to help the Trust grow and expand! With the $10,000 pledge from Physicians Mutual, the Trust raised an all-time high of more than $20,000 last month!

Bea Pedersen, recently appointed as the first-ever Executive Director of the Selected Educational Trust, had this to say about this astounding opportunity: “People support an organization because they want to make a difference. This past year they have seen the Trust grow exponentially – developing and launching new programs in funeral service workforce development and education. When a donor can literally double their financial impact with a giving opportunity such as this from Physicians Mutual – well, that just makes giving even sweeter!”

As a result of this generosity, the Trust will continue to provide the best educational opportunities for the advancement and support of all who work within and for the independent funeral service profession. “I can only say ‘thank you’” continued Ms. Pedersen, “to all who supported this unique effort. The Trust is headed in one direction – up – and the individuals, firms, organizations and companies who support our efforts are joining us on that pathway to success!”

For more information about the Trust, please contact, Bea Pedersen.

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