Messenger’s Top Representatives Honored for 2020 Sales Achievements

Oct 29, 2021 | News & Announcements

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October 27, 2021
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AUBURN, IN – Messenger, a leading provider in funeral stationery, personalization solutions and insurance funding, recognized its top sales representatives with achievement awards during their corporate dinner held in conjunction with the 2021 National Funeral Directors Convention in Nashville, Tennessee.

The Director’s Movers and Shakers Award is presented to the sales representatives who make substantial strides within the team rankings. This award was presented to Steve Coker, Ellie Dane and Glenn Vaughn.

The President’s Club Award is presented to the Top 10 representatives for 2020 and includes Tom Ahlers, Jay Amburgey, David Bednar, Jeffrey Burnett, Steve Coker, Christopher Iverson, Dave Kolbe, Ellie Dane, Sherry Noble and Glenn Vaughn. The Vice President’s Club Award is presented to the sales representatives rounding out the top 20: Paul Ambroselli, Mike Borror, John Duncan, Todd Ely, Meredith Feminis, Mark Hess, Brad Johnson, husband and wife team Bill & Linda Lindley, Gary Marks, and father and son team Gerry and Greg Wright.

“It has been a blessing for our entire team to be together after nearly two years apart to attend our industry’s largest event and celebrate achievements that occurred during one of the hardest years’ our industry has had to endure in recent times” stated Heather Garman, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Messenger. “Through creativity, ingenuity and perseverance, our entire sales team rose above how they normally do business to ensure our funeral partners had the products and tools they needed to continue serving families throughout the pandemic. We are truly proud of our entire team” Garman continued.

Messenger’s highest sales honor, Sales Representative of the Year, was awarded to Glenn Vaughn for his exemplary sales performance and service throughout the year. “Glenn is a seasoned sales representative who has established invaluable relationships with funeral professionals in his territory. He has a keen understanding of the breadth of Messenger’s products and services and we appreciate his commitment to support each one with dedication and vigor” stated Kimball Scott, Sales Director of the West Region for Messenger. Vaughn has been part of the Messenger sales team since 2003 and currently serves funeral homes in Western and South Texas and select locations in New Mexico.

The Messenger Sales Team consists of 45 sales consultants in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

The Messenger Co., LLC, headquartered in Auburn, Indiana, was founded in 1913 by Frank Messenger, who started in the religious calendar business. Messenger has since become the leading provider of stationery, funeral service items and personalization services. In 2019, Messenger acquired Express Funeral Funding, the largest privately-held insurance assignment funding company. Focused on being a trusted partner to funeral professionals, Messenger delivers time saving solutions to increase customer satisfaction and add value. Messenger provides quality product and technology solutions with quick lead times and exemplary service, exclusive partnerships and one of the most experienced and extensive sales teams in the funeral industry. For more information about Messenger, visit or call 1.800.827.5151.

(l to r): Glenn Vaughn, Messenger 2020 Sales Representative of the Year; Kimball Scott, Messenger Sales Director – West Region

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