How to Honor a Loved One’s Memory on Social Media

Feb 24, 2023 | Resources for Individuals

When a beloved family member passes away, it is important to remember and honor them in the best way that we can. One of the most common ways to do this is through social media posts, as many people now use these platforms as their primary means of communication and connection. However, there are many things to consider when creating a meaningful memorial for a loved one who has passed away, such as being respectful and authentic with your feelings, carefully considering what you share publicly, maintaining respect in all comments and posts, including photos or videos, and even having a bronze memorial plaque made in their honor. The Arkansas Funeral Directors Association shares how.

Be Respectful
Above all else, it is important to be respectful when posting about the passing of your family member. Not everyone will view death in the same light as you may, so it is important to remain sensitive to those beliefs by not providing too much graphic detail about someone’s passing. Additionally, it would be wise to ask remaining family members if they are comfortable with sharing certain details first before doing so on your platform.

Carefully Consider What You Share Publicly
It’s essential to think critically about what information you share publicly about your deceased family member. Although some personal stories may help illustrate who your beloved relative was during their lifetime, there are still limits. Many people prefer more intimate conversations over-the-phone or even in person, so reserve those conversations for those settings instead of publicizing them online with everyone else able to read them.

Maintain Respect in Comments and Posts
As previously mentioned, when paying tribute or memorializing someone who has passed away, respect must be maintained throughout all comments and posts related to them. This includes not only refraining from making rude remarks but also ensuring that others commenting on the post stick within appropriate boundaries, as well. This will also mean deleting any comments which might be seen as disrespectful or incendiary toward your loved one.

Include Photos or Videos
Including photos or video clips commemorating someone who has passed away can add an extra level of personalization and intimacy to the post, making it much more memorable for future generations looking back upon this moment. These capture memories that otherwise could easily be forgotten in time). This should especially resonate strongly if you’ve taken pictures and videos together before.

Be Authentic
When paying tribute or memory of someone who has passed away on social media, it can be difficult to express genuine emotion while also remaining respectful at the same time. The best way to approach this is by not trying too hard. Allow yourself an appropriate amount of vulnerability by being honest with how you feel while still retaining dignity and respect. It’s perfectly fine and expected to let out some sadness but stay focused on celebrating the lives they have lived on earth rather than dwelling on where they are now.

Memorialize Them in a More Tangible Way
One final thoughtful gesture which can really help set apart meaningful memorials from ordinary ones would be having something physical and tangible in honor of your departed family member. You may consider having a bronze memorial plaque made in honor of your departed family member. This can list their achievements throughout life, along with any special quotes. Mounting this bronze memorial plaque in a special location, like where they were laid to rest or in any other memorable spot associated with them, will ensure that their legacy lives on for years and generations to come.

Creating a memorial on social media can be a beautiful and unique way to honor a lost loved one. By following the steps outlined in this post, you can create a meaningful online space for family and friends to remember and share their stories about the person you love.

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