Digital Marketing Series – “Know Your Audience”

Aug 8, 2022 | Resources for Funeral Homes

Marketing in this day and age can be a mystery. Old tried and true solutions like the newspaper, the yellow pages, and the radio are losing prominence. In their place we have Facebook, Google Ads, and YouTube. If you are like most funeral directors, you are worried about being behind the curve but don’t know the first place to begin. That’s OK. This tactical series will walk you through how to set up a comprehensive digital marketing plan that will help you meet your goals, including social media marketing, lead generation, and custom video, to name a few.

With a strong digital marketing strategy in place that integrates all the new technology available today, you will be able to grow both your pre-need and at-need business. In the coming weeks, you will learn how to:

  • Know your audience and tailor your message to each segment of your audience
  • Use the right digital platform at the right time – from your website, to Google Ads, to Facebook and video
  • Understand key terms that will help you as you work with marketing professionals or agencies
  • Develop content for each digital platform
  • And much more!

Throughout this series, you will also find highlighted “Quick Tips” sections that will help you understand how you can use these digital marketing tools to reach more consumers in your market today.

Content shared with permission from Funeral Directors Life.

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