AFDA Advocacy Trip to Washington DC

May 1, 2018 | News & Announcements

Members of the Arkansas Funeral Directors Association recently attended the NFDA Advocacy Summit in Washington, DC. Bobby Burns, Ladonna Smith, Renata Jenkins Byler, and Chad Gallagher representing the AFDA Board were joined by Bill Booker, Sumner Brashears, Courtney Crouch, Robert Eichelberger and Tony Smith, making this delegation one of the largest Arkansas has had in previous years.

In addition to attending meetings and seminars conducted by NFDA, the delegates were able to meet privately with all but one of the Arkansas Congressional delegation. At these meetings, they discussed areas of concern in our industry such as Burial Rights for America’s Veterans and Labeling and Transporting Tissues Safely Act.

Also, the group touched on Tax Reform and the importance of Tax Relief on Small Businesses, thanking them for the work already done on our behalf in those areas and their continued work.

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