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Requesting Military Honors

We are writing to you on behalf of the Casualty Assistance Center of the Arkansas National Guard to inform you that the Arkansas Army National Guard will be deployed from 10 July 2021 thru 10 August 2021 and the Oklahoma National Guard deploys 9 July 2021 thru 10 August 2021.
This is the first time that both guard units will be training at the same time. Therefore, during this period Military Honors will be provided by Active Duty Units here at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. Please note that Fort Sill has a limited number of teams available to support Military Honors, nevertheless, every effort will be made to support your requests.


It will be extremely important to submit Honors requests at a minimum of 72 business hours prior to the Service date to ensure that proper scheduling takes place. This is particularly important due to some locations requiring hours of travel time to location in both Arkansas and Oklahoma. Any requests received less than 72 hours prior to a Service WILL NOT be processed. If such a timeframe is being requested by the family, Funeral Directors should work with the families and the Casualty Assistance Center to coordinate a Memorial Service to take place at a later date, where Taps, Folding and Presentation of the U.S. Flag will be provided during the service.

Please feel free to contact John M. Cutler, Casualty Operation Coordinator, at the CAC office regarding any questions you may have related to this message.

(580) 442-0290
Building 4700, Room 143N
NW Mow-Way Road
USAG, Fort Sill, OK 73503

To request Military Honors, please use the FS Form 733 found here.

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