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Advice for your funeral home business as we move into the New Year. Read some of the best tips, advice and insights from around the web, to help your firm with all aspects of daily life - from the sublime to the mundane!

How SMEs Can Help Employees Save for Retirement

Small and Medium Sized Businesses (SMEs) are major employers. While large corporations are more likely to make the headlines for their employment practice, SMEs actually employ a higher percentage of the workforce.

Many people associate working for an SME with a better working environment and less stress – but there can also be downsides. For instance, surveys consistently show that SMEs don’t consider their employee’s retirement savings as significantly as they should. A survey by Standard Life revealed that while 92% of employees considered workplace savings and retirement plans an important factor, many SME executives are not supporting staff well enough when it comes to retirement and pension planning.

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My 2022 Small Business Predictions: Cloudy With Patches of Sunshine

The year turned out to be more similar to 2020 then I would have liked, but with some important changes. Small businesses were able to get back to work with some limitations in supply and staffing. While the supply chain problems and inflation were predictable, I was totally surprised by staffing issues especially when unemployment in 2020 had reached 20%.

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5 Important Factors To Consider When Hiring A Professional Office Cleaning Company

Your business establishment needs to have a clean and healthy workplace that enhances productivity and performance. It’s always a good idea to hire professional cleaning services instead of having an in-house crew or doing the work yourself. Hiring a commercial cleaning company will make your office look neat, organized, and clean. An organized and clean working environment is vital in keeping your employees productive and happy and attracting more clients. Here are essential factors you should consider while picking your preferred cleaning company.

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