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Is Your 2023 Budget Ready?

It's officially budget season

What do you really need in your budget for 2023? We put together a list of funeral home essentials to get you started.

1. Plan ahead for conventions

There are 2 things to think about when planning for your trips: which conventions to attend and how much you should budget.

Do your research on airfare, hotel costs, and food to add to your travel budget. Always look at convention websites for room deals and early-bird registration discounts!

Which conventions do you want to go to? There are so many options. We recommend attending your state or local conventions to stay plugged into your area but would also encourage setting aside time to travel to a national convention like NFDA or ICCFA.

See we learned at this year's NFDA convention >>>

2. Plan for any new hires you may need

Thinking about hiring another valuable staff member? Take into consideration salary, additional equipment, and other costs when bringing on a new person.

See what new funeral directors are wanting in their career >>>>

3. Plan for new software

New year, new tech. Passare can help your funeral home streamline business processes and collaborate online with families like never before. Not to mention, it will help your staff work together on a new level.

Talk to a sales representative and see where our software fits into your 2023 budget.

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